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Warranty Policy


  • The warranty is effective from the date of delivery.
  • Warranty is valid only for the original purchaser.
  • All transportation and material costs where needed must be borned by the purchaser.
  • Any repair or replacement of any Lorenzo products shall not extend the term of this warranty.
  • If identical material is not available at the time of repair or replacement, Lorenzo reserves the right to substitute the material of equal quality and similar colour.


"Lorenzo will only warrant it if the defect is due to a manufacturer defect."

Full Leather Sofa (5 Years Warranty)

  • NO warranty on leather
  • Structure
  • Leather Stitches
  • 1 Year Warranty just ONLY for the Mechanism (if applicable)
Half Leather Sofa / Fabric Sofa (3 Years Warranty)

  • NO warranty on leather or fabric
  • Structure
  • Leather / Fabric Stitches
  • 1 Year Warranty just ONLY for the Mechanism (if applicable)


Each mattress is a product that ensures the highest quality materials and advanced technology used in its creation. The mattress carries a 10-year local warranty against manufacturing defects ("The Warranty Period") from the date purchase. The purchaser shall furnish the proof of purchase with original receipt and the transportation charges shall be born by the purchaser. The warranty service is executed under the following condition:

  • Upon any manufacturing defects reported by the purchaser during the Warranty Period, a site inspection shall be conducted subject to payment by the purchaser prior to or during the date of inspection as follow.
  • The warranty is void if the mattress is found to be under abusive handling, rough handling, improper care and maintenance, unsanitary conditions, any misuse, no proper foundation to support (if it should be done so) and/or if it was previously repaired by any person other than the manufacturer. We reserve the right not to handle the products for repair.
  • The warranty excludes fair wear and tear, negligent usage, normal body impression of 1 1/2 inches or less, comfort and sleeping satisfaction guarantee or any defects whatsoever other than manufacturing defects.
  • If in the unlikely event, any repair or replacement is required due to recognized manufacturing fault, we will at our discretion to repair or replace the faulty parts and/or materials free of charge subject to its availability for the avoidance of any doubt, we reserve the right to substitute similar material of equal quality if no original material is available.



  • NO warranty included


Lorenzo is not responsible for damage to the leather / fabric:

  • Caused by normal wear and tear, fading or discoloured, soiling from perspiration, body or hair oils, fluids and grease, or resulting in an odour being impregnated in, or emanating from the leather.
  • Caused by mishandling, abuse, neglect, or a malicious or deliberate act, whether by human or animal (except as previously stated), or by other agents/s, or by sunlight (including fading), lightning, fire, flood, or other natural calamity.
  • Resulting from a failure to pre-test the leather with the leather care products in the Kit in accordance with the Warranty conditions.
  • From dye transfer from furniture accessories, rugs and clothing.
  • This warranty does not cover items purchased as ‘Clearance Pieces / Display Pieces’ at the time of purchase.
Upon service request, please provide the following:

  • Sales Order number
  • Specific details of the damage
  • Contact details
Kindly drop your email at: my.service@lorenzo-international.com
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