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Leather upholstery expresses a natural nobility. This luxurious material is not only durable, but can actually get better with age.
Leather is strong, flexible, and naturally adapts to the shape of your body for perfect comfort, thanks to it's uniquely elastic nature.
Due to its excellent breathability, leather keeps cool in summer and warm during chilly weather. No two hides are identical just like human skin. Natural leathers are soft to the touch and preserve the original characteristics of the skin; different grains, veining, and colour variations are distinctive marks of their authenticity and a sign of top quality.

Colour Variation occurs during the dyeing process as different parts of the hide absorbs the dye in varying amounts
Grain Variation are due to placing leather from different parts of the animal causing variation in grain patterns
Grub Marks are caused by larvae penetrating the hide resulting in swelling and hide perforation
Insect Bite Marks such as ticks, mosquitoes and other bug bites will leave spotted marks
Horn Butts and Scrapes are scars caused by horn fighting
Belly skin is thin - stretch marks and marble-like patterns forms easily
Vein Marks are obvious cool marble-like patterns
Stretch Marks appear when the animal's skin has stretched due to rapid growth or pregnancy during its lifetime
Scar Marks are caused by various reasons, like scrapes, cuts and abrasions
Recovered Scar Marks caused grain line to be faint
Neck Lines are mild creases typically found in the neck and shoulder area where loose skin is located
Wrinkles normally appear when thick leather is bent back on itself
The pioneer furniture leader that specialises in leather sofas, L-shaped sofas, recliners that comes with 5 year warranty on internal structure.
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